Security Services

No matter what your Security requirements, Koreserv has the expertise and team to help safeguard your business or property. We strive to provide the best tailor made security solutions to many diverse business industries as well as residential. Koreserv understands that security needs are not a “one size fits all” solution and we pride ourselves at integrating various security protocols to meet our client’s individual security requirements. Our security services include the latest technological security products along with access control, surveillance partnered with the very best in trained security personnel. Koreserv is proud to offer our clients the very best in security.

Security Services Include

  • Corporate Security Services
  • Body Corporate Security Services
  • Home Owners Association Security Services
  • Residential Security Services
  • Industrial Security Services
  • Commercial Security Services
  • Construction Security Services
  • Harbour Protection Security Services
  • Security Guard Services


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security services
security services
security services
security services
security services

How do I know my standards and expectations will be met?

Koreserv is an accredited Security Service Provider with PSIRA (Registration no. – 1188043).

PSIRA Registration no. – 1188043

Koreserv directors attend the police forum meetings.

All staff follow a Procedure manual (SPM) and Service Level Agreement (SLA).

A client is given professional peace-of-mind by drawing up and signing of a customised Procedure Manual specific to your company created by our highly experienced operations managers.

This Procedure Manual is effectively signed and measured by an SLA

The Procedure Manual and SLA will incorporate the following:

Security risk assessment

Access control procedures

Technological requirements

Service provided is tailor made for each client and industry type which includes:

Full site evaluation by experienced sales staff.

Security officer compliments, grades and equipment recommendations are tailor made for each site.

All sites are visited and evaluated on a regular basis by a senior member of our operations team.

Daily supervisor visits will be conducted with a full equipment and personal hygiene check list which are completed and signed.

All incidents will be reported to the control centre and investigated by the duty manager and inspectors.

Before taking over a site a comprehensive evaluation is done by one of our operations mangers where upon a detailed site procedures manual is drawn up. The following elements are taken into account:

Objectives of the assignment.

Control of personnel and vehicles, in and out.

Locking up, unlocking and key control procedures.

Rounds of inspection.

Fire Regulations

Any special duties.

Action to be taken and persons to notify in an emergency.

Personnel to who reports are made

during working hours

outside working hours

Hours of work:






Special procedures for cash deliveries and collections.

Machinery or equipment requiring special attention.

Property lost and found.

The benefits of contracting out your security requirements to Koreserv Security (Pty) Limited include the following:

All security officers are strictly vetted.

All security officers are professionally trained in all aspects of loss control (first aid if required, an additional charge will be made for this).

All security officers are supervised both day and night.

Our security officers are independent of and impartial towards our subscriber’s workforce.

In the event of sickness, accident or holiday, we guarantee attendance.

Our Electronic Control Room is manned 24 hours a day, every day.

Our policy to provide service of the highest possible standard rather than at the lowest cost.

The provision of manned security service is to essentially achieve a reduction in both the chance and severity of losses through whatever course, which may currently be experienced within the premises on which they work.

In order to achieve this, there are three main functions, which a security service must be in a position to carry out:

1. Deterrent Value

The presence of uniformed personnel in itself provides a deterrent to would be intruders, vandals, thieves etc. The level of deterrent value achieved is directly related to the efficiency of the personnel and the service, which they are providing. It is possible to achieve such a deterrent value, to varying degrees, based upon the effectiveness of the security personnel who are carrying out the service.

2. Detection

The duties of the security personnel must include surveillance of property in order to provide an early detection of fire, flood, vandalism, sabotage etc. In order to achieve the detection value required, it is necessary that the security personnel have the access through those areas where risk has not been reduced by means of electronic surveillance equipment, or where the physical protection of an area does not meet with the level of risk in that area.

3. Reaction

Unless these three functions can be fulfilled a security service cannot be considered to be effective.

It must be borne in mind that any physical security measures are only as effective as the personnel who operate the system; therefore consideration must be given to the maintenance of and adherence to strict security procedures by trained security staff.

The successful, operation of the assignment requires above average initiative, resourcefulness and vigilance by personnel of complete integrity upon whom you can rely to carry out their duties not only efficiently and smartly but also courteously.

It is essential that they are independent of, impartial towards and respected by your own employees.

Their very presence would produce benefits over and above the actual duties, which they performed, in terms of a greater awareness of, and more responsible attitude towards, security in general.

How can I be sure that training is in line with my expectations?

All training is based on the Procedure manual and SLA.

Professional training is given to Security Guards focusing on the client’s asset protection and Parking management.

PSIRA accredited training and grading for a professional and high standard.

I want professional looking staff that will portray our professional image?

Uniforms are supplied to staff by Koreserv.

Uniform design is unique to Koreserv, in order to portray the professional image of Koreserv as well as the client.

We make sure that all uniforms are:



Suitable to fulfil the job function

How can I measure the performance of Koreserv services, i.e. Return on investment (ROI)?

Quality assurance of Security Guards are measured and monitored technologically through the following processes & systems:

A tag point system called, “Onguard”. This system is monitored live on a 24-hour basis by our control centre. All deviation from the patrol routes are acted on immediately by duty inspectors. Client’s can receive day-to-day reports via email, if requested. Tag points are strategically placed along a specific patrol route which allows our control centre to track the security officer on a live system.

An effective communication tool called,” Smartlinq” (a Mobile communication tool). The Smartlinq system is similar to a mobile phone but only allows the user to dial pre-programmed numbers. The device is tracked by our control centre.

Supervisor’s routes and vehicles are monitored by, “Mix Telematics” (Vehicle tracking and route monitoring system)

A closed-circuit TV camera system called, “Coben” (CCTV cameras)

24 Hour Control Room

Reports can be provided, on request, or as per the SLA.

The above systems and processes are used as a performance management tool.