Hygiene Services

Washroom Hygiene Services

Having a hygienic bathroom can leave a lasting impression on guests hygieneand staff, and is proven to reduce absenteeism in the workplace. We offer a wide range of Hygiene Equipment in White, Stainless Steel and Automated Products and consumables. All ranges are offered as Family sets, allowing for synergy in your Bathroom.


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Femcare Hygiene

We discreetly service Sanibins to client’s requirements. Disposed of according to Legislation. Safe and hygienic solutions with manual, foot Peddle and Automatic Sensor bins.

Air Care

Air fresheners reassure visitors that your bathroom and business are fresh and hygienic by removing bad odours. We also offer Air Purifiers, an effective way of alleviating bad odours and harmful bacteria in the office by physically removing unwanted particles through a process which will sterilize the air.

Hand Care

A business that promotes hand washing reduces cross contamination by over 70%. Our hand wash and sanitising range effectively reduces the spread of harmful bacteria in the work place. By placing our soap and sanitising dispensers strategically around your bathroom, kitchen and office, it will result in an improved hygienic environment in the workplace.

Hand Drying

Wet hands attract germs. Restricting the spread of these germs through clean, dry hands is vital to a hygienic working environment. Various methods suit our clients and all of our systems ensure that employees and guests dry their hands in an efficient manner. Our wide range includes manual, automatic and folded paper towels, as well as electric hand driers.

Toilet and Urinal Care

Koreserv Hygiene promotes a satisfying hygienic environment through its solutions extending to urinals and toilet cubicles, resulting in sanitised urinals and toilets throughout the day. Our range includes Seat sanitizers, Auto-Sanitizers, Pmats and Toilet Roll Holders.